Past Instructors

2021 Courses

Instructors Course Topic
GRAD 214: Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research

Conklin, Bruce

GRAD 214

Scientific Misconduct and Ethics in Science

Medeiros, Aimee

GRAD 214

Science in the Genomic Era: Biomedical Research and Human Subjects

Deardorff, Ariel

GRAD 214

Scientific Record Keeping and Data Management

Elkhoraibi, Carine

Namboodiri, Vijay

GRAD 214

Animal Welfare in Research

Duncan, D'Anne

GRAD 214

Diversity and Equity

Ashrafi, Kaveh

Silva, Elizabeth

GRAD 214

Publications and Peer Review


Silva, Elizabeth GRAD 214

The Art of Mentorship and Being Mentored

Kiser, Gretchen

Bondy-Denomy, Joseph

GRAD 214

Conflicts of Interest: Science Outside of the Academy

RCR - PS: Responsible Conduct of Research Program for Postdoctoral Scholars

Bubman, Darya

Bondy-Denomy, Joseph


Scientific Entrepreneurship and the University-Industry Interface

Ansel, Mark

DeFranco, Anthony


Societal Implications of Scientific Misconduct


Alvino, Gina

Reeves, Melissa

RCR-PS Animal Welfare in Research

Taylor, Anneliese

McManus, Michael


Responsible Authorship, Publishing, and Peer Review


Dolan, Brian RCR-PS

Biomedical Research and Human  Subjects

Deardorff, Ariel RCR-PS

Collaborative science: data management, sharing and ownership

Goldstein, Ellen

Arkin, Michelle


The Art of Mentorship

Medeiros, Aimee RCR-PS

Racism in Science