About Responsible Conduct of Research at UCSF

Training in ethics and the responsible conduct of research, often simply called "RCR," is an integral component of education at UC San Francisco. Furthermore, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture all require their grantees to fulfill formal RCR training to ensure the quality and integrity of their research.

You can identify the appropriate training program for you by selecting the above landing page for your respective group or topic area. We also provide information for training program faculty and admins, including opportunities for faculty participation in the instruction of RCR and descriptions of RCR training that can be used for your training grants.

RCR Contacts at UCSF

Graduate Division (GRAD) 214 
RCR course for Basic Science PhD students

D'Anne Duncan, PhD
Assistant Dean of the Graduate Division
GRAD 214 RCR Course Director
[email protected]

Nancy Street, PhD
Contracted Associate Dean of the Graduate Division
[email protected]

Kourtney Nham, PhD Graduate Student and Rosenberg-Hill Fellow
GRAD 214 Course Manager
[email protected]

Basic Science Responsible Conduct of Research Course 

Chequeta Allen, EdD, MBA
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Scholars
Office for Postdoctoral Scholars
[email protected]

Human Subjects Responsible Conduct of Research Course

Sara Ackerman, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, UCSF Bioethics 
Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
RCR Course Director, Spring Quarter
[email protected]

Julia Brown, PhD
Assistant Professor, UCSF Bioethics
Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
RCR Course Director, Fall Quarter
[email protected]

Matty Norstad, MPH
Bioethics Program Manager
[email protected]