Did you know?
RCR training for grant recipients is required by all major federal funding agencies.

Responsible Conduct of Research at UCSF

This website is a guide for RCR training for UCSF learners and researchers at all levels — graduate students, postdocs, and faculty — and a resource for NIH training grant faculty and administrators. 

At UCSF we strive to create a culture that supports responsible conduct of research — not just offer RCR coursework — giving attention to the societal implications of basic science and clinical research. Whether you are a young scientist in training or a senior faculty member, embracing this theme is an essential part of a successful research career. Here you will find useful information including key contacts, RCR training schedules, course syllabi, links to relevant external sites, template RCR text for grant proposals, and the most appropriate training program for you arranged by topic area and career level. 

Important Updates:

In order to better serve our learners, we've updated our RCR offerings.

  1. The Clinician-Scientist RCR course is now titled Human Subjects RCR and is open to all UCSF faculty, postdocs, and fellows conducting human subjects research. The course is now offered twice a year (Fall and Spring Quarters) instead of Summer Quarter. Please see the course webpage for more details, including course dates. Registration is now open for Fall 2024 Human Subjects RCR.
  2. The Postdoctoral Scholar RCR course is now titled Basic Science RCR and is open to all UCSF faculty, postdocs, and fellows conducting basic science research. The course is offered in Winter Quarter and details are available on the course webpage.
  3. No changes have been made to Graduate Student RCR.